Bon Appétit Paris


Bon Appétit Paris by Mara Grimm. 

Where to buy the best croissants in Paris? What is the difference between a bistro and a brasserie? How do you deal with French waiters? Which crockery should not be missing in your cupboard? How do you get the most wanted tables in town? What do you wear to a restaurant? And at what time of day do you eat macarons?

In short: Mara Grimm tells you everything in this culinary style guide. She has been living partly in Paris for five years, not entirely coincidentally around the corner from the best bakery in town. In those five years she collected not only endless crockery, but also countless stories about food and the best addresses. Mara tells you all about the bottom of the baguette, the importance of butter, the sacred lunch culture and sports with a glass of wine. She also teaches you how to give the perfect Parisian dinner at home - and no, you don't have to be a good cook for that.

Dimensions : 241 x 168 x 22mm.

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